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Birthdate:Mar 26
Location:Providence, Rhode Island, United States of America
I'm an artist/author and I fucking love hot fries.

Nine facts about me:
- I love to sketch horror movie characters, and I’ve been sketching Silent Hill creatures since the dawn of time. I also like to make up my own mutant people.
- I don’t get out much. Sun and me don’t mix. People at school call me ‘that one vampire goth chick’ which I find HILARIOUS.
- I sincerely, genuinely believe that I will be successful and when I do, I want to change the world for the better. (I also want to give MCR my autograph lol)
- I am a gaming freak, I collect horror games and old N64 games and merch. I love Legend Of Zelda, If you don’t think its amazing then you must have a sad life. I love games forever, and zombie games have to be my favorites too.
- Zombies are amazing. The walking dead is my guilty pleasure. (I have all the comics, all seasons, and a crap ton of merch.)
- Tried and failed to learn guitar. Bass is better (and less complicated). I don’t plan on forming a band or anything, just love to play music and fuck around with notes and chords and shit.
- I play bassoon. Get at me.
- I live in a basement. Basements are cool.
- I love fucked up and twisted things—things that are taboo and out of the ordinary. (Murder, Children who are murderers, Possessions, ect.) I used to collect daggers; but my collection stopped at two because my mom didn't trust me lol.
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